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Get outdoors and active with our range of layered coats from Dryrobe. The brainchild of British surfer Gideon Bright, who decided there must be a better way of getting changed outdoors in the cold British Winter after surfing in Devon. 

After initially creating a very makeshift version from a waterproof, a towelling lining and a hood. Gideon grew to love this essential bit of kit and decided to take this further. The idea has come on leaps and bounds since then and all Dryrobes come with a wind and waterproof outer layer, advanced towel lining, a hood and a full zip front. They are perfect for those chilly swims on the Norfolk beaches.

The super-practical robes have become a stalwart for triathlons, surfers, swimmers and virtually any outdoor activity when you are at the mercy of the elements or need to get changed on the go! They have also been picked up by celebrities and corporations alike. From Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympics to Team Red Bull at all their events around the world. These Dryrobes are making a splash across the outdoor adventure scene. Buy now at Gun Hill Clothing Company. 



4 products

4 products