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Buy Peregrine clothing online. Gun Hill Clothing Company has been a Norfolk Peregrine stockist for many a year. Our customers love that it's made in Manchester, in Britain. Using high quality materials and using manufacturing processes unchanged for years but with a contemporary twist means that these are durable garments, that last the test of time but look modern, fresh and always classy. Take the Peregrine Ford Crew for example.

Every step from the very first design to the finishing stitch is executed here in the UK. Peregrine controls everything about the garment production from start to finish. Peregrine offers something a bit different, something special and we want Gun Hill customers to be excited about where their clothing comes from - 90% of clothing that we buy in Britain is outsourced when it comes to production in order to cut costs as much as possible but this often means sacrifices in the brands sustainability as well as in the quality of the garment produced.

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