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The search for the best lambswool knitwear in the UK


Amongst the mills producing knitwear in the UK I found a real gem deep in the Yorkshire Pennines.

What these guys don’t know about creating the finest yarns and fashioning them into beautiful knitwear isn’t worth knowing. The mill is a mix of traditional spinning skills and cutting edge technology and so the people who work there are a mixture of craftsmen and lab geeks.

The craftsmen produce a fine worsted spun yarn, the long fibres allow for more extension and higher strength. They blend rare fibres with multi strand compound yarns to produce knitwear of a unique and extraordinary quality; in their hands, merino lambswool feels like cashmere.

The lab geeks, hope they don’t mind me calling them that, have used amazing new machinery to produce a garment with no seams. The whole item is one piece except for the necks which are sewn on perfectly by hand.

For Gun Hill they make a range of crew neck, v-neck, half-zip and slipover lambswool knitwear that is of unbelievable quality. A timeless style that will wear and wash for ages.

Man and machine in perfect harmony.

the best lambswool knitwear made in uk

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