Our Overy Chore Jacket - Proudly made in Norfolk

New and exclusive to Gun Hill Clothing Company. Our luxurious, yet practical and hard wearing overshirt is the perfect garment to be worn day in and out and stand the test of time. They are proudly made in Norfolk - in a factory full of experienced craftspeople, who have been making durable, honest garments for over 120 years.

The cotton

The chore jackets are made from a thick twill cotton that is 400 G/m thick. This gives it a really hard wearing and a naturally structured feel, whilst being an unstructured jacket. There are three different colours which are dark navy and navy (as shown below), plus a natural lovat green.

Cutting the material

The fabric is all laid out across and table and the patterns are added to the material. These patterns are then cut out by hand.  


The three colours of fabrics are cut into the pattern pieces - one size at a time.  You can see below all the different patterns of material that are need to make the garment.


The pieces are then sown together by a skilled team of seamstresses. The jacket features french seams, which gives it a luxurious look and seamless design. They then add on the luxurious horn buttons to the front and sleeves. 


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