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Holebrook - The Joy of Windproof

Holebrook - The Joy of Windproof 

Being based on the North Norfolk coast, with the North Sea on our doorsteps. We here at Gun Hill Clothing Company fully appreciate how much a cutting wind can take the edge off even the most pleasant of walks. No matter how warm the weather is, you will always need that extra layer and that’s where the joy of a windproof comes into play. It’s not about the thickness of the fabric, it’s about keeping the wind that comes off the sea at bay.  That is why, when we discovered Holebrook we fully fell in love with their windproof sweater ranges that are available for both Men and Women.

Holebrook is a Swedish brand and therefore they also know the harshness of a North Sea wind. Their range of sleek knitted sweaters are completely windproof and combines a perfect blend of practicality and style.


The brand is built around five key principles, which they stick to religiously:

  • Swedish - At the base of everything they do, they never forgot their traditional Swedish values. Everything from their Swedish knitted design, to their friendly and honest approach to business.
  • Enduring - These sweaters are made to last. Their “down-to-earth” use of sustainable materials such as wool, cotton, and alpaca wool are all made to be not be washed as often and are made to last. Fast fashion isn’t in the Swedish vocabulary. 
  • Knitted - The Heart of Holebrook is knitted. It is part of their fibre and is in everything they do. The materials and techniques may vary from garment to garment but they pride themselves on their knowledge of the craft. 
  • Open-minded - This brand is about exploring. It’s about going off the beaten track, taking on new challenges, and meeting new people and Holebrook aims to never let the cold or wind stop these pursuits and inhibitions. 
  • True - Holebrook is a small, family-owned business that was created by Tina and Peter Karstorp in 1999. Their love of the sea was always there must they saw the need for that extra windproof layer. This mixed with the Swedish minimalistic style and quality materials has allowed them to go from strength to strength.

Originals collection

The Originals collection is made for light outdoor pursuits and encompasses all of the Holebrook that we sell. Whether that is sailing, golf, hiking or fishing we have a Holebrook for just the occasion. This ranges from their classic windproof’s to some of their more stylish designs such as the Siv - T or the Samuel. Using special weaving technology, the windproof lining is extremely tightly knitted and is made from 97% polyester and 3% elastane, making it stretchy and breathable. 

Many of the coats (Such as the Peder full-zip above), feature a water repellent fabric. The fabrics are flurocarbon free and are certified to standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, which is one of the worlds best know labels for checking for harmful products in fabrics. 

So next time you are looking for that perfect extra layer for those windy days, why not pair your wellies with a Holebrook and experience the Joy of windproof.