Let’s face it, the best quality country boots are expensive, right? It’s therefore super-important to make sure you buy the best ones. But which? At Gun Hill, we’ve a quarter of a century of experience selling quality country boots and one brand consistently tops our customers’ choice: Dubarry of Ireland.

dubarry country boots gun hill norfolk

Find out what it is our customers love about Dubarry country boots, why they are such an iconic brand, what makes them the best and why your next pair of quality ladies’ leather country boots should be a pair of Dubarrys. Let’s go…

1. Unrivalled warmth and waterproofing

What makes Dubarry country boots so warm? Maybe it’s coming from the west coast of Ireland where warm boots are a must. Quality leathers are graded and chosen according to their softness and warmth provision. For instance, underneath that iconic exterior of the legendary Galway boot, lies a four-layer waterproof and breathable system: it’s a GoreTex® membrane followed by a GoreTex® lining, a lined full in-sock with PU foam backed footbed, PU midsole and a rubber outer sole with a cleverly-cleated construction for shock absorption and grip. The GoreTex® membrane is unique because perspiration can penetrate it to wick moisture away from the inside of the boot, but water cannot penetrate the membrane, meaning you are always kept dry. Who knew there was so much in one boot?

2. High-tech, quality materials, including the leather

Talking of leather, Dubarry uses full-grain DryFast-DrySoft ™ leather, made supple and strong, a unique process means they dry quicker and softer than other leather boots, helped by the GoreTex® linings. They also feature Duo compound PU and rubber soles, directly injected onto the upper for enhanced strength and longevity. Marrying tradition with high-tech materials means you get the best of both worlds. Look around on forums and you’ll see many thousands of happy customers who are keen to spread the word of how brilliant these country boots are.

3. Long-lasting – boots that are more of an investment than a purchase

Built to last is a phrase bandied about a lot these days; in Dubarry of Ireland’s case, longevity is paramount. Since 1937, the boots have been made by expert craftsmen and craftswomen to the very highest standards. Containing around 4,000 stitches, up to eighteen hand cut leather pieces per pair the attention to detail in the construction of Dubarry Galway country boots is astonishing. Processes like the injection-moulding of the sole onto the upper make for an incredibly strong bond just where the weakest point of most boots is. No glue and the one-piece construction method ensure unparalleled support and tread. That’s why a pair of Dubarrys really are an investment – plus a comfortable and practical pair of boots that you can wear every day, and that last is great for the environment too.

Prolong the life of your Dubarry country boots even more with a range of Dubarry shoecare accessories from Gun Hill Clothing Company. Want to know the right way to protect and clean yours? Check the video below and get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

4. Versatility: a boot for all seasons. And places.

Dubarry country boots are the hardest-working footwear around; wear with skinny jeans, leggings, jodhpurs, trousers or a skirt (maybe a tweed one?) Not just for muddy country walks and splashing in puddles, a day’s shooting or at equestrian shows, a pair of Dubarrys can take you anywhere: a day at the races, festivals, country walks, beach walks and sailing – plus they’re about the only country boots that can pull off the trick of working all day at the stables and, after a quick hose-down, be smart enough to take you into town. It’s your life, your adventure, where will you go in yours?’

5. A truly iconic celebrity boot – and royally famous too.

What do Queen Elizabeth and Bruce Springsteen have in common? Their boots, of course. Worn by three generations of royals – the Queen, Princess Anne and Zara Phillips - as well as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her sister, Pippa Middleton as well as 'The Boss' sporting a pair on the main stage at Glastonbury after he spotted them at the Hampton Classic in New York. Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall also has a pair with bespoke orange laces for her work with a National charity. Dubarry are always to be found at Cheltenham Races, the Badminton Horse Trials and the Chelsea Flower Show as well as other major festivals and celebrities' legs everywhere. With your Dubarrys, you know you’re in good company.

6. Custom-fits? Yes, please.

The Galway comes in regular fit, ExtraFit – which is around 1” (2.5cm) wider in the calf than the regular fit and SlimFit, narrower in the calf by around 1.25” (3cm) for those with slimmer calves. A great fit is guaranteed with these boots – our tip is try yours with a thicker pair of socks or faux fur Dubarry boot liners for even more warmth. And getting the boots on and off is made easier with the perfect fit for you. Getting them on is easier still as there’s a finger-pull that’s connected all the way down to the sole, again for extra strength and longevity. After all, shouldn’t your boots fit you perfectly?

7. Get the whole look: Dubarry clothing and accessories.

It’s not just boots that Dubarry make - the same ethos the company has with their quality-driven approach to footwear is mirrored in a terrific range of clothing. Dubarry country clothing including jackets are fast becoming as iconic as the boots, with coats like the Ballybrophy in high demand. Layering is also very popular now – the Sheedy Knitted Gilet is a perennial favourite at Gun Hill. Fancy something a little tweedy? The Juniper Gilet might just be the favourite piece of clothing you’ve never worn yet. If it’s accessories you’re after then there’s a whole range of creams and sprays, plus boot trees to keep yours in great shape and a boot jack - once you try one, you’ll never go back!

8. Heritage – Why Dubarry boots are truly unique

To understand why Dubarry waterproof boots are linked to fine leather footwear requires taking a step back in history: formed from a joint venture between a Northampton (home of UK shoemaking for centuries) family and the Irish Chamber of Commerce, they sought a name synonymous with luxury, quality and beauty and settled on Madame Du Barry, a French courtesan. Quickly earning a reputation for excellent craftmanship with their fine leather shoes, Dubarry then ventured into crafting superlative sailing footwear, nautical pursuits being popular on the west coast of Ireland, so they combined the two disciplines into fine leather footwear that was warm and waterproof, and they’ve been excelling at that ever since.

Want to know why Dubarry boots are so well-made? Watch the video below and you'll see why they're the number one country boot.

9. The perfect equestrian boot

Clearly, a pair of Dubarrys are very much at home being worn around stables every day and are the equestrian boot of choice for the, literally, well-heeled. Function and fashion meet head-on with the Dubarry Clare, which features an elegant, flattering shape plus a wear protection pad on the inside leg for comfort in the saddle as well as protection for your boots, not to mention Dobbin!

10. A boot for every leg – what’s your favourite height?

Calf-length, knee-high or in-between? Try the Kildare mid-height boot if you’re looking for all the protection and style of a Dubarry boot in an easy-on, easy-off package. With Lycra® stretch-adjustable top leg, these are super-easy to put on. Next up is the Galway with a just-under-the-knee height and those three fits, designed to make it your perfect boot. Clare is the name to remember if you’re after a knee-high length that looks as elegant as it is practical. On thing they all have in common is that whichever model you choose, you know you’ve made a superb investment that your feet are going to thank you for many years to come.

dubarry country boots gun hill norfolk

At Gun Hill, we love the Dubarry brand and our customers do too; if you're thinking of investing in a pair of truly unique, class-leading boots - and you really are investing with these long-lasting beauties - make it a pair of Dubarry boots. Your feet will thank you.