Sloppy Joe garments are made from 100% Organic Cotton, they manufacture solely in England, where the fabric is knitted and finished. They make everything in it’s natural ecru form, and allow extra fabric to allow for any shrinkage. The garments are then sent to their Dye House, also in the UK, where they are dyed at 90 degrees centigrade.

This means that when you buy the garment it can be washed and tumble dried with no fear of shrinkage. In fact it is advisable to tumble dry, as this keeps the garment beautifully soft, and in shape. If not tumble dried, they tend to grow in size, and will harden up as happens with towels and any 100% Cotton. 

They use two kinds of garment dying, (post manufacture dyeing). The first one is called a Reactive dyeing process, and the other is Pigment Dyeing. Pigment dyeing is very eco-friendly and the dye liquid is 100% Bio-degradable. Also this gives us the washed look colours which are so popular.

They are extremely proud of the quality of the range as the garments last for many years and have many customers who say their shirts have lasted as long as eighteen years and they have become much loved members of the family.

Sloppy Joe sizing is based on height, not standard dress sizes.
Sizes are measured in Length and Width. Sloppy Joe Designs are intended to be loose-fitting, comfortable whilst fashionable garments. 

Our measurements are as specified:
Length is taken from back of garment, neck to hem.
Width is measured underarm to underarm, approx one inch below the sleeve join. Double that for the circumference.

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