After placing your order, we will send an email to confirm that the item(s) are in stock. While every effort is made to ensure that stock levels displayed on the website are correct, we may email you to advise that an item is no longer in stock. Under these circumstances we will send you an immediate refund to your credit/debit card. 

All prices on the website are in pounds sterling and include VAT.

Goods will be dispatched only after funds have been deducted from your credit/debit card and all details including addresses have been verified.

We are not responsible for a delay in processing an order due to your card issuer not authorising a payment.

Please ensure that all details you provide are accurate. Do not send any personal details such as credit/debit card details via email as we can not be held accountable for their security this way.

We deliver throughout the UK using Royal Mail 1st Class - standard postage and packaging is £4.45 Note: Some heavier items will incur higher delivery costs of £11.00 and the customer will be informed at the checkout phase. 

We accept orders from European countries so please email us and we will advise you of the delivery costs - you will be informed when the item(s) are dispatched. Orders from outside Europe will not be accepted by the site, please call or email and we will endeavour to get your item sent to you by the best method possible.

If your item is not in stock, we will inform you by phone or email and send the item when it comes into stock. You can cancel the order if you would rather not wait. If the item is in stock delivery is usually within 1-2 working days.