One Bag Company

One Bag Co. is built on the foundations of the one-for-one business model, the idea that one needed item is given away for each item purchased. Their belief is that modern-day living is powered by consumerism and that if we could direct this powerful beast towards global issues then maybe, just maybe, we could make a difference in the world we live in.

As a brand One Bag Co. understand education not only to be a human right but also as a source for promoting democracy, peace, tolerance, development and economic growth. A donation of a schoolbag equipped with essential learning materials may not be the answer to all world issues, however, it is an empowering contribution towards a child’s future and world development.

At Gun Hill, we are proud to support One Bag Co. We think these bags are terrific products on their own, and that they can make lives better is something we think we can all get behind.

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